Magnetic Tool Band

Tool Band-It Adjustable Magnetic Arm Band As seen on Discovery Channel's "Pitchmen"! It's like having an extra set of hands! Feel the power of rare earth magnets. Never lose your tools again. Never lose your tools, nails, bolts or patience again! Now everything is in arm's reach.
Never lose track of your tools again.

1. Tools have never been so handy
2. Just wrap this magnetic band around your arm and attach your pliers, screws and nails so they’re always within easy reach
3. Covered with PVC polyknit fabric
4. 1 size fits most adults
5. 11.5 inches length x 6 inches width x 2.75 inches height , Weight: 0.70 pound.
6. Holds up to 25 lbs.


adder work, arts and crafts, auto work, home projects, gardening and holding tools


Magnetic tool band

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