About Magnetic filter

Apr 10, 2014

These handy magnetic Filter make clean up a snap! Pick up debris, small ferrous parts, metal shavings, chips, or just anything magnetic - a real time saver for workshop and machines cleaning. They have stainless steel tubes with strong Neodymium magnets inside and handle is black plastic. Pull the plunger to release the held material and it is easy to use. The diameter we make now is from 20 to 30mm and the length is from 300 to 60.

BeiKe Magnetic are specialized manufacturer of high-quality magnets. Our company has been dedicated to being “your magnet solution source”. Through our efforts, the quality of our products and services are far higher than the same industry. We guarantee to customers that producing magnets and related products with superb technology and perfect quality. We will provide you with quality products at manufacturer prices, promptly and with superior service. We will assist you in solving any of your convention supply needs. If you get into trouble, we will provide you with thoughtful one-stop service.

Our main products include: Magnetic Name Badge, Neodymium Magnets, Pot Magnets, Magnetic Assembly, Sintered SmCo Magnets, New Products, AlNiCo Magnets and Magnetic Toy NeoCube. These products are ISO9001 certified and made from rare earth raw materials, as well as priced to be the most cost-effective high-energy magnets on the market. We have our own NdFeB manufactory in NingBo, also have our own magnetic assembly factory and wind generator factory in NingBo, too. Our products are no doubt competitive prices on high quality. We can produce other Pot Magnets with Countersunk according to customer requirements. You are welcome to contact us for more information anytime.

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