Oil Filter Magnetic Rod Need Regular Cleaning

Dec 22, 2014

The relatively large impurities in mechanical turbine oil can be filtered by the oil-filter screen, but there still remain some impurities smaller than ten microns, which can pass through many layers of the oil strainer into the inner bearing and regulating system, make the bearing wear, also can let the regulating system becomes blocked, which is likely to result in bearing damage, and even make turbine and aircraft accidents. And that is why we need the oil filter magnetic rod.

The oil filter magnetic rod can be used to adsorb tiny ferromagnetic impurities in a steam turbine. As long as keeping the cleaning and maintenance of the oil filter magnetic rod, we can be able to protect the cleanliness of the turbine oil, so as to make the steam turbine and bearings applied on a variety of machines keep running under normal. So the magnetic rod applied in large machines must receive regular cleaning and maintenance so that these machines can be in good working state at any time, and the occurrence of the large accident also can be avoided.

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