Our Features

May 27, 2014

      After years of development and research, our company started to produce goods with distinctive features, such as, huge badge magnet. We can arrange deliver under 50,000 Pcs in 5 days if you are urgent. We have great variety of magnetic badge attachments. Now our company can produce at least 15 types of badge magnet. Of course, we can custom made for you. Besides, compared with our competitor, we have fair and attractive prices, which will make usmore competitive. What’s more, we can provide friendly customer service and reply your email even midnight here if you need.

    Another new product is magnetic filter. These handy magnetic filters make clean up a snap! Pick up debris, small ferrous parts,metal shavings, chips, or just anything magnetic - a real time saver forwork shop and machines cleaning. They have stainless steel tubes with strong Neodymium magnets inside and handle is black plastic. Pull the plunger to release the held material and it is easy to use. The diameter we make now is from 20 to 30mm and the length is from 300 to 60. We also have the improved magnetic filters: permanent magnetic lifters, which can be used on flat or round ferrous work pieces. They can be combined with transporting hoist or integrated as part of a load or unload system. The flexibility of these powerful lifting magnets is limited only by you imagination! Please contact us  if the size you need is not listed below and we will produce this kind of products according to your special requirement without a problem.


   Our company will continue to innovation to cope with the market development and customer needs. 

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