The Magnetic Rod Used In Food Industry

Jan 4, 2015

Generally the magnetic rod is mainly used to filter various small powder or liquid, and it can take away the iron and magnetic impurities in liquids. The nature of this determines that it can be widely used in the food industry, where the products require fine processing and refinement.

A good quality rod can reach a state that the magnetic induction lines distribute averagely in the space, and inductive power with the maximum magnetic averagely distributes throughout the whole magnetic bar. The bar is usually placed in the transmission line which can be moved, so the resistance of its magnet surface should be very small, and there must be no impurities harmful to the environment, so as not to contaminate the raw materials. 

And its work environment determines that it must have the good properties such as corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. And when using it in different temperatures, we may need a bar magnet with different magnetic induction ability in order to get different high temperature resistant properties. | Tel: +86-574-28858590 | CopyRight © 2014 Ningbo Bei Ke Magnetic Material Co., Ltd.