Why There Is Magnetic Ball Rubik Cube

Jan 27, 2015

Believe that people must play Rubik's cube, which is a great test of people's endurance and mental ability. Many people enjoy playing rubik's cube for all their life, taking it as a kind of perfect enjoyment. In the historical development of the Rubik's cube, we are sure not to ignore a kind of magnetic toys, the magnetic ball Rubik's cube.

The main material of magnetic ball rubik's cube is the rare earth magnet, and it consists of two hundred and sixteen magnetic ball of same size. Each of the magnetic balls has function to indicate the direction. However, the magnetic balls are firmly absorbed together, which allows people to freely make random shape transformation, such as common outside the square, rectangle, and a variety of irregular polygon. In addition, when you do not want to play, they could be restored to the original rubik's cube.

In addition, creative magnetic ball cube can even become various magnetic jewelry, such as necklaces, bracelets, etc. And this can reflect people's personalities. After all, the jewelry of people is usually made of gold, platinum and other precious metals, so the magnetic jewelry is very novel. Visibly, magnetic ball rubik's cube is a very interesting product, which can exercise the people’s creative ability.

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