super strong magnet neodymium n35 n42 n50 n52 disc magnet

Jun 10, 2018

Name: super strong magnet neodymium n35 n42 n50 n52 disc magnet
Material: Sintered NdFeb
Shape: Arc,Segment,Block,Cube,Tile,Cylinder,Disc,Ring,Rod,Sphere,etc
Coating: Ni,Ni-Cu-Ni,Zn,Ag,Expoxy,Passivated,etx
Size: customized

Neodymium magnets usage:
These super strength magnets provide you with countless possibilities as they are ideal for various purposes. Use them in order to Hang Heavy Objects And Complete Educational, Science, Home Improvement And DIY Projects ,They also are great for industrial application.

Rare earth magnets are the strongest type of permanent magnet currently made.
They are composed of neodymium iron boron magnetic material and are plated in nickel-copper-nickel for a shiny corrosion resistant finish. They are magnetized through the thickness or Radial. They are can customized size and have innumerable uses.

Our Neodymium magnets are commonly used in creative applications such as models and theatre design, furniture making, exhibition stands and packaging. They also have many uses in engineering and manufacturing where compact size and maximum strength are required.

magnets Plating Characteristics:
Plating TypeOverall ThicknessSalt Spray TestPressure Cooker Test
NiCuNi (Nickel Copper Nickel)15-21 μm24 hours48 hours
NiCu + Black Nickel15-21 μm24 hours48 hours
NiCuNi + Epoxy20-28 μm48 hours72 hours
NiCuNi + Gold16-23 μm36 hours72 hours
NiCuNi + Silver16-23 μm24 hours48 hours
Zinc7-15 μm12 hours24 hours

Our magnets are mainly custom made according to the demands, requirements and application of the customers. We can provide magnets in various producible shapes like disc, ring, rectangle, cube, bar, cylinder, tile, segment, sphere and some other unique shapes. | Tel: +86-574-28858590 | CopyRight © 2014 Ningbo Bei Ke Magnetic Material Co., Ltd.