Magnetic Toy NeoCube

The NeoCube is an amazing toy for all ages composed of 216 pcs individual magnets ball. The Neo Cube allows you to compose and modify an incredible number of 2D / two dimensional and 3D / three dimensional objects, shapes, patterns and much more. The NeoCube is excelent for expression, relaxation, gaming, training your brain trough dual hemispherical brain stimulation etc.The Neo Cube will provide you with many hours of great fun!

NeoCube Magnetic Sphere, Magnetic Ball is a Toys product with full features as Magnetic Neocube, Sphere Magnet, Neodymium Magnet Ball.

Magnetic Toy NeoCubeCustomer feedback
Simply amazing. I must have it!
Cool, and definitely interesting, it's worth the price.
I've never seen any product more perfectly designed to...
This looks really cool! I wonder if they might/could develop a product with a more practical use than just a cool toy.

Due to the dangers of swallowing magnets, these small spheres (as well as all Supermagnet) are not suitable for children under 12 years of age. The swallowing of two or more magnets may be lethal. Even though those magnetic spheres are often advertised on the Internet as toys, please take this warning seriously and keep the magnets at a safe place out of children's reach.

Magnetic Toy NeoCubeMagnetic Toy NeoCube

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