Sphere Magnets

Sphere Size of Neodymium Magnets. Widely used in toy ! The following items are the relative products of the Neodymium Sphere Magnets, you can quickly find the NdFeB Sphere Magnets through the list.

Please note: Due to the dangers of swallowing magnets, BKMAG are not suitable as toys for small children and should be kept out of their reach! If suitable for ages +12 only !
Sphere Magnets

1.Precise dimension
2.Various shape
3.Stable performance
4.Good corrosion resistance
5.Easy to mass production

Our Advantages
1. Strict quality control: rich experienced QC team guarantees 100% qualified product.
2. Advanced technology: utilizes new Sintered NdFeB magnet techniques and equipment such as strip casting, HDDR technology.
3.We provide various types. 
4. Strong production capacity: we can guarantee on time delivery for several large orders at the same time.
5. Good performance: resistance to demagnetization, good in ambient temperature and heat resistance
6. Excellent service: professional service team give you fast response and provide solutions till you are satisfied.

Small Sphere Magnets

(1) Small Sphere Magnets 5 mm°
Dimension: D5mm 
NdFeB Magnet in N35(1.18 Tesla)
Magnetized Direction: through 5mm
Coating: Nickel
Max. Operating Temperature: 80°C

Medium Sphere Magnets(

2) Medium Sphere Magnets 15 mm°
Dimension: D15mm 
NdFeB Magnet in N438H (1.26 Tesla)
Magnetized Direction: through 15mm
Coating: Nickel
Max. Operating Temperature: 120°C

Big Sphere Magnets

(3) Big Sphere Magnets 35 mm°
Dimension: D30mm
NdFeB Magnet in N40 (1.29 Tesla)
Magnetized Direction: through 30mm
Coating: Nickel
Max. Operating Temperature: 80°C

Sphere Cube

(4) Sphere Cube 5 mm
Dimension: 216 x D5mm(NeoCube)
NdFeB Magnet in N35 (1.22 Tesla)
Magnetized Direction: through 5mm
Coating: Gold
Packing in Gift Tin
It's amazing gift for Xmas

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